Safe hospitality
Rose Garden Palace Roma

Dear Guest thanks for choosing the Grand Hotel Fleming part of OMNIA Hotels Group.
Our main purpose is always to welcome you and make your stay the best possible experience; nowadays we wish as well to offer you the greatest comfort, in full compliance with the guidelines that guarantee total safety for you, all our guests and our team members.
Your contribution is essential to maximise the benefits of all the procedures that in Omnia Hotels we have implemented to manage this crisis effectively.
Respecting the laws and applying the regulations established by the Public Authority is a duty for each of us; we are sure we can count on your support during your next stay and we thank you in advance for it.

What we do and what we ensure:
• Omnia Hotels constantly monitors the evolution of the emergency and constantly adjusts its protocols drawn up in this regard, giving maximum attention to the recommendations of the WHO and those of the Italian Government;
• The hotel staff, depending of their role, receives constant specific training to manage any emergency and always wears all their personal safety protection devices in order to guarantee yours and their own safety;
• We have increased the cleaning frequency of every public areas including hall, elevators, handrails, handles, public toilets and of course room keys also;
• The high standards of cleaning and disinfection of the rooms after the guest's departure and before the arrival of the next one, have been further implemented with additional procedures specifically aimed to counter the spread of the “Covid-19 Virus” with particular attention to all surfaces that are touched more frequently;
• Back of the House receive the same attention with constant cleaning and sanitization with particular attention to changing rooms and surfaces most exposed to contacts;
• Catering services are monitored and the delivery methods strictly comply with WHO recommendations, Italian laws and regulations and our internal protocols. In this regard, breakfast, as well as other catering services, are organized to respect the social distance and all other possible procedures necessary to guarantee the highest level of comfort and collective safety;
• Sanitizing gel for hand hygiene is available for anybody in the common areas.

What the Public Authority laws and rules establish and what we do recommend:
In order to protect people’s health inside the property and ensure the healthiness of the environment, we inform you that we have taken some precautionary measures, as required by current regulations.
In implementation of these measures, we inform you that access to the hotel will be not allowed if:
• you are positive for Covid-19, or if for any reason you are under quarantine measures;
• in the event that in the last 14 days you have had contacts with subjects who tested positive for Covid-19 or come from risky areas according to WHO indications;
• you have fever (over 37.5 ° C) or other flu symptoms.
If you are into one of the cases listed above, please inform the reception promptly before check-in.
In the event of the onset of these symptoms after your arrival at the hotel, you have to promptly inform us, contacting the reception by telephone, remaining in your room.

By entering into the property, you undertake to respect all the provisions of the Public Authorities and our hotel company rules, and in particular to:
• keep the safety distance of at least one meter from anyone;
• always wear a mask in all common areas of the hotel;
• observe the rules of hand hygiene and maintain correct hygiene behaviours;
• if you take advantage of the breakfast service, or any other restaurant service, you can remove the mask only when seated at the table;
• accept and adapt to any additional measures required by the Public Authority and / or our corporate protocols.

By order of the Lazio Regional Pubic Authority starting from October 2nd, 2020 the mask must always be worn even outdoors.

By signing this letter, you also declare to be aware of the content of the provisions currently operating in Italy about people who intend to enter the national territory from foreign countries, especially the obligation of fiduciary isolation envisaged for some of these countries, and accepts the measures taken by the hotel for such cases.
Looking forward to welcome you, I cordially greet you


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